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The opportunity to demonstrate to visitors the advancements in cold foiling, and the benefits it gives to the label industry, was a big draw for API.
API first introduced dieless foiling in the late 1990s.
Cold foiling and printing special effects inks like tactile texture, mattes, soft touch and glitters on the surface of shrink sleeves bring a trendy metallic bling, and a highly stylized look on custom-shaped or conventional containers.
The Gallus TC8 250 new generation hot foil hologram stamping unit uses a rotary hot foil stamping unit with a brass foiling plate instead of a solid rotary tool.
Depending on the substrate, the digital cold foil system can operate at speeds up to 246 fpm (75 mpm) and can be supplied as a standalone unit or be retrofitted to an existing foiling station.
Major suppliers of banknote foiling equipment include De La Rue Giori (Optinota-H), Gietz (Nota), Steuer (Foiljet), and Molins (Delta).