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So under his Foist proposals Mr Fahy wants supermarkets, shops and pubs to take responsibility for keeping booze out of the hands of teenagers by enforcing a raised drinking age limit.
Cotgrave's Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues (1611) defines 'fuste' as: 'A foist; a lightgallie that hath about 16, or 18 oares on a side, &two rowers to an oare.
To date, Evers and his team have resisted the urgings of their colleagues back in Washington to foist on Iraq vouchers and other schemes conservatives have thus far failed to get enacted in the United States.
At first she spurns his offer as testily as the marriage proposals her parents foist upon her, but then she is tempted by the chance for an exciting adventure at last.
We are perceived as thinking that we are better than others and who often foist our values and systems on others whether they like it or not.
They may be concerned that the presence of religious perspectives in the debate would amount to an attempt by believers to foist their opinions on the wider community.
An innovative speaker says storage is no problem because he tends "to foist them off on unsuspecting subordinates, nephews, thrift stores, or half-price book stores."
The final insult, it seems to me, is that these two can dictate what they consider to be art, and foist it on us whether or not we are disgusted by it.
"It certainly wasn't our intention to foist Welsh policies on English people," a spokeswoman said.
THE Government's campaign to foist road charging upon us has got off to a rocky start.
Should I foist all this nonnutritious, calorie-dense junk food on loved ones just because I like the smell of holiday baking?
So why foist them on poor African villagers, who already have more than enough to put up with?