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So under his Foist proposals Mr Fahy wants supermarkets, shops and pubs to take responsibility for keeping booze out of the hands of teenagers by enforcing a raised drinking age limit.
He defines a 'Vaisseau long' ['long vessel'] as 'A Galley, Foist, or Brigantine, called so to make a difference betweene them, and a Ship'.
THE Government's campaign to foist road charging upon us has got off to a rocky start.
This seeing involves illusory notions I have of other persons, limited understandings of a situation, and unreal expectations that I foist upon others.
So why foist them on poor African villagers, who already have more than enough to put up with?
But the heavy-handed bludgeoning and the obvious unfairness (and probable criminality) involved in using EU personnel and funds to foist this program on French voters ultimately backfired.
Smith professed to be offended by the comment; her attorney vilified Ruiz in the media as being insensitive and desperate to foist blame on anyone but her client.
45) and Foist in the Liverpool Handicap (Div 1) (4.
Significantly, the court stated as follows: "There is no discernable public interest which would require the courts to foist on a landlord a pornographic use of his or her private property by virtue of the silence of the prospective tenant.
It's not enough that they foist rubbish on viewers, but they also get discredited presenters as hosts.
It certainly wasn't our intention to foist Welsh policies on English people," a spokeswoman said.