foist upon

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As for Raffles, he appeared to me to feel far more compunction for the fable which he had been compelled to foist upon one of the old masters than for the immeasurably graver offence against society and another Old Boy.
Supporters have taken the attitude of better the devil you know, as we feared which blast from the past Ashley would foist upon us, but no longer.
It is through its own pluck that it has managed to seek out and manage innovation, trying to avoid the appropriations other entities in the worldwide economy have attempted to foist upon it.
We do not want - and should not have foist upon us - a McLibrary, but have a People's Library of Birmingham in 2013.
We need to understand what is really happening and find the strength to stand against those who are trying to foist upon us and future generations a burden that we cannot possibly carry.
Benjamin has tried his hand at writing, trotting out a turgid work of fiction called Yeast Lords: The Bronco Years, which he hopes to foist upon his idol at a forthcoming author event.
Now you want to take a retrograde step and foist upon this "communities-first area" a school clearly not fit for purpose, split over two sites (incidentally, isn't that the reason you built a new school for Mary Immaculate?
This seeing involves illusory notions I have of other persons, limited understandings of a situation, and unreal expectations that I foist upon others.
I am not interested in the fancy buildings and other monstrosities they plan to foist upon us, but for goodness' sake show our chairman the respect he deserves.
Think: A wedding planner (Denise Richards) does her utmost to avoid love, but the screenwriters foist upon her a happily-ever-after anyway (with Dean Cain).
The current face of medicine, created by new expectations and demands that we have permitted policy makers to foist upon us over the last 20 years, is not smiling upon us.
Gaddie adds, "We need to ensure that we do not foist upon ourselves unintended legal and constitutional changes.