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We had the police commissioner foisted on us and yet not one of us actually knows what that job entails to this day.
WE DIDN'T ask for motorcycl;e headlights to be on all the time (ECHO letters, Sep 10) but have had this foisted on us by the EU Daylight Running Light directive.
First they foisted wheelie bins upon us with promises of greater convenience.
As far as I am concerned, I'm only British because that nationality has been foisted upon me.
Residents will no longer be required to back schemes in referenda so that these new jobs for the boys can be foisted on voters without a single mandate being achieved.
The court thus concluded that strictly interpreting the time limitation in the policy under such circumstances would lead to an unjust result and would restrict unreasonably the policy's coverage to a small number of disabilities: "Such a very limited and highly technical construction of an insurance contract cannot be foisted onto a layman nor does it make any sense in terms of the risks insured against.
How many products are foisted upon the market that are full of compromises because of cost cutting?
So widespread and accepted are all these practices that it is now politically incorrect to point out a few simple facts: all are against God's law; all are being foisted on hapless children who have no understanding of what's happening to them or any protection against the resulting damage; and all introduce into young lives such intellectual, emotional and psychological confusion that .
This is, after all, a dilemma that America, for better or for worse, foisted on Iraq by deposing Saddam Hussein, who had managed to maintain order through sheer repression.
None of them liked the idea of Romanov buying players and selecting teams, which is why Graham Rix is being foisted on unwilling supporters.
He has foisted ombudsmen on PBS and NPR (which already had an ombudsman), telling them to monitor the networks for bias; they answer to Mary Catherine Andrews, last seen working as a communications officer at the Bush White House.
Greenspan is accused of being an intellectual fraud who foisted failed policies on the world economy in order to help his wealthy friends on Wall Street and to retain his position of power.