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The Smoke Free Liverpool brigade is intent in foisting on Liverpudlians an image of a city based on their pious platitudes.
As her local government minister in 1987 and 1988 he was responsible for foisting the poll tax on Scotland.
And "barely attentive" does not even come close to describing the aggressive foisting of the free market model on economies around the world that so typified the Bush/Clinton era.
As the tramway is also inferior in passenger capacity per lane per hour, noise levels, smoothness and installation and operational flexibility than rubber-tyred transit, and has been proven unreliable here, why do our councillors and planners persist in foisting this inferior, outmoded, disruptive and divisive tramway system on us?
It's not that they can't work--I found that out when I switched to a Mac--it's just that Microsoft has gotten away with foisting a miserable operating system on most of the world, and it doesn't care.
The postwar honeymoon boom may not have been a conspiracy, but it is difficult not to detect a certain amount of foisting going on here.