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On the basis of potential overlap of definition, she tends to refer to both foists as barges (144, 149).
The two important points here are, first, that, unlike all the other barges, which were simply rowed, the bachelors' barge and the foists had been rigged and were large enough to carry substantial ordnance, fireworks, and other spectacle.
6) The galley-foist was a different vessel altogether: an elaborately decorated ship-rigged foist, galley, pinnace, or brigantine (ie, a sailing vessel, though small enough that it could be propelled by oars also) that escorted the lord mayor's barge with drums, trumpets, and an incessant firing of guns.
He defines a 'Vaisseau long' ['long vessel'] as 'A Galley, Foist, or Brigantine, called so to make a difference betweene them, and a Ship'.