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The Chinese company and Samsung have been teasing foldable screens for the past few years through concept devices.
Even during the Galaxy S8 ( review ) launch last year, Samsung Mobile's head DJ Koh said the company was aiming to develop a foldable phone under its Galaxy Note series as early as 2018
Tender notice number : E1/7960-A/2017 - Supply of stainless steel tables with foldable benches to Annadanam belongs to Srisaila Devasthanam
solely for phones only, which adds to fuel to the fact that the foldable device
Now, the US Patent and Trademark Office has published an Apple patent application for a foldable display, fuelling speculation that the tech giant is keen to release foldable and affordable electronic gear soon, according to 9to5mac, a US-based tech news site.
This somewhat unexpected statement came on the heels of ZTE revealing its own take on the foldable smartphone idea, the ZTE Axon M pictured above.
2 mm corneal slit incision, and a foldable intra ocular lens (IOL) was implanted in the bag through the laceration under local anesthesia.
The CHOETECH Foldable Solar Charger has a total output of 19 watts and two USB ports, making this charger flexible, portable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.
Foldable Silicone Splatter Guard comes in red, black or green at a suggested retail price of $16 for the 10-inch size and $20 for the 12-inch size.
The patients were divided into 2 groups, first group of 150 being implanted with a foldable {poly-HEMA} and the other 150 patients being implanted with a non-foldable rigid PMMA intraocular lens.
Foldable stainless steel floor cranes are portable and retract into a compact size when not in use, to save space in storage.
Karnataka, March 25 -- RAPOO, global leaders in providing cutting-edge wireless peripheral products, launched Bluetooth Foldable Headset - H6080.