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8226; A broad product range with boats from 9' to 15' long, exclusive accessories and a one-of-a-kind unique foldable RIB 15' sailboat;
Our key focus is on plastic foldable containers and the accessories which are used for transporting bulk goods in various industries.
Also, the Morning Ledger reported this rumored device isn't the only handset that will have a foldable display.
The scale's lightweight design and foldable 32" x 34" platform make it suitable for acute and long-term healthcare facilities.
Dog backpacks, foldable bowls and other gear are available to help you manage your dog's needs.
Demaine of the University of Waterloo in Ontario and his coworkers have developed an efficient method for recognizing when a creased sheet indeed is foldable into a flat package.
Staar currently markets a full line of foldable IOLs, and markets the Toric IOL in selected international markets.
Framed in Oregon cedar, one side of each of these T-shaped structures revealed an open infrastructure of horizontal and vertical supports that formed cavities and cubicles containing foldable furniturelike elements many of which had been removed, and set up in the space.
New ruggedized Point-of-Service Mini-PC with WiFi for anywhere integration and foldable space-saving Touch Screen Terminal launched at National Retail Federation Big Show 2013
Contract award: supply of foldable intraocular lenses acrylic piece with the lease of the camera to the method of phacoemulsification cataract surgery in the package i and the supply of foldable acrylic intraocular lens piece in the package ii for the department of ophthalmology at the healthcare in debica.
It features a long bonnet with eagle-eye shaped lustrous headlamps, a black grille with the Mustang logo in the centre, 19-inch Ebony black painted multi-spoke aluminium wheels and an interiors with leather trimmed seats, dual-zone Automatic Climate Control, 50/50 split foldable rear seats, leather-trimmed tilt-adjustable steering wheel with mounted controls, power foldable OVRMs with integrated indicators, MyKey feature for different drivers and four-gauge instrument cluster.