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Social people in other gondolas began to ask each other who the little solitary girl was whom they passed, sitting in her boat with folded hands, looking so pensively and wonderingly about her.
I used to sit with folded hands watching him, and counting his footsteps, hour after hour.
As the Prior finished, a door at the lower end of the refectory swung open, and in came Sir Richard, with folded hands and head bowed upon his breast.
Since you say it is to be so, Wegg,' returned Mr Boffin, with folded hands, 'I suppose it must be.
He said he was frustrated and under stress when he uttered such words and added: 'I apologise with folded hands.
But many sat expressionless, some listening with arms crossed or chins on their folded hands, and his 25-minute speech was never interrupted by applause or protest.
Favourite emojis: Folded hands to signify thanks, winking smiley, smiley face with sunglasses, smiling face with horns, crying face
The surrendered accused, who walked up to the police station with folded hands, also promised that he would not commit any crime.
It is not easy to erase the images of a terrified Sarfraz Shah beseeching his innocence with folded hands and the sadistic pleasure writ on the face of the shooter.
As the CBI judge was delivering the sentence, Lalu Prasad, who is at present lodged in the Central Jail here, was standing with folded hands.
com/article/trending/indigo-staffer-makes-two-students-fall-on-her-feet-for-harassing-her-video-goes-viral-4947448/) The Indian Express reported that the two men were under the influence of alcohol and were seen in the video with folded hands, requesting her not to lodge a complaint against them.
The prime minister also replied in his characteristic style to a fervent plea by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who in his welcome address had urged Modi "with folded hands that central status be granted to Patna University".