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Read in the light of nineteenth-century Australian land policy, and the genocide of the indigenous peoples that this facilitated, the decorative birds in Layards foliate manuscript scheme stand as a haunting case of environmental realism.
44-45) tubular, apex of aedeagus expanded membranous, with tegular process in dorsal margin, with a quadrangular process in left view, with one foliate process in right view.
Taste buds, more properly known as called papillae, are raised projections that come in four types: filiform, fungiform, falciform and foliate.
Del Monte Hass avocados are sodium- and cholesterol-free, have only five grams of fat per serving and have potassium, magnesium, foliate, dietary fiber, riboflavin and vitamins C, E and B6
This foliate structure is common to the coral and the plumage of birds, and to how large a part of animate and inanimate nature.
But that's what we're being told and throughout the land many of our 8,500 fish and chip shops will mark the occasion by serving up cut-price chips all week - and not just any old cut-price chips, but chips riddled with protein, fibre, iron, foliate, potassium and vitamin B6.
Mystery of Generation (1987), a simple but extremely compelling print, is a narrow vertical strip containing three images: an ancient woman's face, pensive and troubled; a bird-headed child, curled and upside-down as if in the womb (or the egg); and the Green Man, the foliate head of Celtic tradition, prepatriarchal man.
If the greens are bound for bouquets, strip the foliate from the portions of the stems that will be immersed in water.
Foliate shall be from henceforth wrought, used, or imployed in any Building, Seeling, Wainscot, Bedsteds, Chayres, Stooles, Coaches, or any other Ornaments whatsoever Except it be Armons, or Weapons, or in Armes and Ensignes of honour, at Funerals, or Monuments of the dead.
The thrill of discovering a hidden work of art is an obvious high, as is identification of previously unrecorded fragments -- such as the masonry patterns and foliate decorations at Goodrich Castle in Gloucestershire, which are thought to have been painted in the thirteenth century.
It would have been wonderful to see, for example, what somebody with his learning would have made of the carvings of the churches which he studies, such as the famous foliate heads, but not being part of his interests they are ignored.