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The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has backed the call for flour to have folic acid added to it, saying it could reduce the number of much-wanted pregnancies that are terminated due to neural tube defects.
In a bid to raise awareness about the importance of folic acid consumption in reducing neural tube defects (NTDs) which are birth defects of the spinal cord, Latifa Hospital's paediatric surgery department launched an awareness campaign on the topic.
Foods that can help boost your folic acid intake including cereals, nuts, and dark green veg
Efficacy of folic acid supplementation in stroke prevention: new insight from a meta-analysis.
folic acid supplementation has not been shown to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Currently, manufacturers may use folic acid as an optional ingredient at specified levels in breakfast cereals and certain other foods, such as infant formula and medical foods, so that it is easier for people to get enough folic acid in their diets.
One of the early studies showing the promise of folic acid beyond neural tube defects was published in 1996.
The talk was held by Safefood which are campaigning to make every woman aware of the facts about folic acid.
Folic acid supplementation has already been shown to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, and it is recommended in the U.
Folic Acid is a B vitamin, which is found in various foods but can be best obtained through a multi-vitamin.
The importance of supplementation with vitamins and minerals should be emphasized; for example, among other vitamins, the role of folic acid should be discussed.
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