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And in the open space I saw many of the Folk. I had been straying, alone and a child, for a week.
Some one of the Folk saw me and uttered a warning cry.
Go to Kolyazin where a wonder-working icon of the Holy Mother of God has been revealed.' On hearing those words I said good-by to the holy folk and went."
They must speak their mind about it, annoying all easy-going folk, and spend their time and money in having a tinker at it, however hopeless the job.
And so we got to know all the country folk and their ways and songs and stories by heart, and went over the fields and woods and hills, again and again, till we made friends of them all.
For three hundred years my folk have swinked and sweated, day in and day out, to keep the wine on the lord's table and the harness on the lord's back.
Cornelia divides all the folks in the world into two kinds-- the race that knows Joseph and the race that don't.
Macey, who felt very well satisfied with this attack on youthful presumption; "you're right there, Tookey: there's allays two 'pinions; there's the 'pinion a man has of himsen, and there's the 'pinion other folks have on him.
Folks have to wait long enough afore it's brought to 'em."
To make the thing a cert," he says, getting up, "all you have to do is to make a dead set at her folks." He winks at me.
If ye has a home, ye has folks; an' I hain't had folks since--dad died.
"We're just like old friends, what with the same kind of folks behind us."