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Some one of the Folk saw me and uttered a warning cry.
As I sat and watched the cave-mouths I became aware that the Folk were watching me.
And so we got to know all the country folk and their ways and songs and stories by heart, and went over the fields and woods and hills, again and again, till we made friends of them all.
Ay, you may well wonder and think it odd you never heard of this before; but wonder or not, as you please, there are hundreds of such things lying about England, which wiser folk than you know nothing of, and care nothing for.
For three hundred years my folk have swinked and sweated, day in and day out, to keep the wine on the lord's table and the harness on the lord's back.
Better that than stealing the deer that thou art placed to guard, like some folk I know.
When Persis Leigh stepped onto the old wharf John Selwyn took her in his arms--and folks stopped cheering and begun to cry.
Macey, who felt very well satisfied with this attack on youthful presumption; "you're right there, Tookey: there's allays two 'pinions; there's the 'pinion a man has of himsen, and there's the 'pinion other folks have on him.
But there's folks 'ud hold a sieve under the pump and expect to carry away the water.
You know what folks are: they think themselves the most important things on the map.
But I'm sure, when I see you to-morrow, I'll have just a common home and folks that do care all ready for you.
I guess all our old folks was fighters when it comes to that.