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pk and gt;, and Monograph) of folk medicines at the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, will help Pakistan to protect its home-grown knowledge from biological theft (biopiracy).
The permanence of culturally and socially determined "peasant" patterns of reaction to illness is confirmed by the results of comparatively few ethnological and sociological studies on contemporary folk medicine.
The novel mingles elements of ancient lore, folk medicine, magic and 1960s bohemianism.
The medicinal plants being studied by the AUB team were chosen after scouring folk medicine archives and identifying the most well-known 29 medicinal plants in Lebanon.
In addition, they discussed the details of folk medicine, reformulated the recommendations of the third intellectual forum and sent them to the Council of Ministers.
This reference gathers entries on 92 indigenous plant species of the South African veld and their uses in South African folk medicine.
Amber is also used as an ingredient in perfumes and is acknowledged as a healing agent in folk medicine, for its purported healing properties.
Bergamot juice, almost exclusively produced in Calabria, Italy, has been used in folk medicine to reduce blood cholesterol and lipids.
have been used for centuries in folk medicine to treat diabetes, but there are very limited data examining the effects of olive polyphenols on glucose homeostasis in humans.
This book is a study of the culture and traditions of Jerusalem that seek to preserve its Arab traditions: festivals, folk medicine, cuisine, and the everyday simple pleasures of the holy city.
Its fresh rhizome has been used as a food ingredient and in folk medicine for the treatment of colic disorder, dry cough, rheumatism and muscular pains.
These remedies are generally preferred by people who do not want to consult a doctor because they regard the practices of folk medicine as more healthy and natural than conventional medicine.