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Folk speech, folk syntax, slang and jargon, graffiti, folk sayings, proverbs, folk rhymes, superstitions, and particularly war stories, rumors, anecdotes, and legends permeate his books.
Based on the literary representations of the rustic New England dialect, the authors' impression is that in nineteenth century New England folk speech the allomorph were was:
In reviewing her four collections, The Little Disturbances of Man (1959), Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (1974), Later the Same Day (1985) and Long Walks and Intimate Talks (1991), I saw that first of all, her oral techniques can be characterized by her concerted use of folk speech to blow breath into her lines.
(1879), and JOEL CHANDLER HARRIS's Uncle Remus (1880-1910) told his animal tales in the folk speech of the Georgia African Americans of his region.
Kurath (1965 [1971]) asks the interesting question: "Is the survival of contrasting vowels in New England to be attributed to English folk speech?" and answers it as follows: "New England usage in this matter probably derives from English folk speech or from a regional type of Standard British English reflecting folk usage." In a much earlier publication (1928 [1971]) he actually appears to give a more geographically detailed answer to the question when he says: "The population of the seaboard of New England had come for the most part from southeastern counties of England"; and "the shortened vowel of coat, whole, and home is recorded for East Anglia." It is definitely tempting to see a connection.
For every sterling Sterling Brown, there are a thousand pretenders--preachers, politicos, "rappers" of all sorts, all trying desperately to harness folk speech and "attitude," but ending up as bourgie minstrels or as wanna-be "roots" intellectuals.
and Other Ozark Folk Tales (1952), Down in the Holler: A Gallery of Ozark Folk Speech (with George P.
Iola's inability to understand this dialect, subaltern speech confirms her solid bourgeois standing and contributes to a devaluing of folk speech, especially as her broader conversation with Gresham centers around the need for black educators to help ameliorate the "'duncery of slavery,'" a process that Gresham expects "'will take generations'" (145).
In his poetry he employed traditional forms, including the ballad in English folk speech. The poems usually evoke the atmosphere of the seacoast in the Canadian Maritime Provinces, where he spent the greater part of his life.
With a remarkable ear for the idiom, cadence, and the tones of folk speech, Brown absorbed its vibrant qualities in his poetry.
This whole notion of folklore and folk speech is at the root of our cultural traditions.
Or Murray may celebrate the language, whether it be the dozens, the "cussing," the codes, or the metaphors peculiar to black folk speech; or he may relish the memory of food, so central to all occurrences in the black community, from "eating fried mullet with hot sauce and bakery bread and drinking Nehi Orange Crush" (125) in a local cookshop, to the Sunday morning breakfast which may feature as entrees "porkchops or fried chicken [and] batter-fried oysters with grits and butter" (91).