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We (who are emphasizing the original folkishness of much of EGM, as well as preparing for its popular usefulness in our own age) might do all we can to 'star' such Middle English texts as we have .
Yet he does not gloss the peculiarly ambiguous term narodnost', which is too often lamely rendered as nationality instead of folkishness or something similar.
The cultivation of the simple and sincere, a folkishness in the art of children could amount to a dissociation from bourgeois values and Cizek's philosophy of art education was parodied in the contemporary Viennese press for its political affinities: 'Therefore, Peperl say to your parents: If they're good and vote Social Democrat [liberal], next school year you're allowed to cut up paper again and splash around with paste; but if they vote Christian Socialist [conservative], you must learn to read, write and add up'.