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Anthropological folklorists tended to underscore culture and transmission while literary scholars were naturally drawn to literature and orality As the iconoclastic 1960s began, a probably less acknowledged, but nonetheless significant work is Ake Hultkrantz's eight "headings" of folklore definitions in General Ethnological Concepts (1960), in which he pointed to the common ground of tradition among different factions of folkloristic work.
The evolution of Strauss from writing folkloristic waltz music to incorporating waltz elements into operetta and later opera comique also mirrored a liberal ideal that embraced tradition and progress (p.
Women have to be educated and highly innovative to produce these pieces of clothes," Mehrez said, pointing at colourful folkloristic abayas from Upper Egypt, Siwa, Sinai and Nuba.
The very striking, joyful, and highly sensual style of her paintings and collages, which cast explicit figuration in densely ornamented compositions whose main subjects are private mythologies and universal ecstasy, didn't fit the ruling categories of their time, and was often dismissed as folkloristic, naive, or insufficiently feminist.
9) Rabbinic expositions of the world to come tend to be midrashic or folkloristic.
Plus exquisite dance performances by 10 talented folkloristic dancers, will showcase Turkish culture at its best.
These folkloristic and ethnographic articles make fascinating reading, but they are mainly one-off explorations of diverse subjects.
Due to the heavy use and appropriation of jargon, both folkloristic and mathematical, as well as the intricacy of his sentence structure and his arguments, this book would not be appropriate for the average layperson.
The titles of the paintings discussed in this article were not given by Rollier to his works in the exotic, folkloristic, superficial and sometimes patronizing spirit of the Orientalism which has characterized the imaginary construction of the "East" by Western travellers especially during the 19th century, but also before and after that.
I believe that VMRO-DPMNE is to choose the first option and lead a nationalis-tic and folkloristic campaign, " Arsovski explains.
Bring me the Head of James Macpherson': The execution of Ossian and the Wellsprings of Folkloristic Discourse.
The mafia's style of action has significantly changed from its original folkloristic image and is now more business-oriented.