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The teacher candidates also wanted to know what types of activities they could use with the folktale.
The students were able to choose from dozens of books on Asian folktales that we had checked out from the library.
The types of the folktale in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Spanish South America.
The flexible ability of picture books to introduce young children to different cultures' folktales is superbly demonstrated by four picture books recently published by Annick Press.
Author, Donna Seim, re-tells this historic folktale and successfully shares the very essence of camaraderie and innocence of life on a small Caribbean Island.
The Lagle was indeed criticised for bringing his social rank into disrepute: the folktale was considered a minor activity not to be publicly exercised by someone in his position.
It is the intention of this paper to discuss authenticity issues regarding Chinese folktale picture books.
I don't know Virginia Hamilton's work very well, but she has published young adult science fiction as well as collections of African American folktales.
I found the remaining tales by searching through folktale collections for children.
Kaveri and Korran is inspired by a folktale from Tamil Nadu's Nari Kuravar tribe, a community of gypsy-hunters.
Thus, in "traditional" classrooms that commonly portray behavior as either good or evil, teachers could misinterpret the social messages of a folktale that derives from a culture that recognizes the value of appreciating those who hold ideals that deviate from the social convention or satirize acceptable behavioral standards.