follow orders

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I'm trying to follow orders, your honor,' Dela Rosa said.
The architect was killed "for failure to follow orders," official North Korean sources claim and work was halted for improvements.
Makes him a bit of a one-off - the only German who doesn't follow orders.
AS the Tory Party yet again becomes mired in sleaze over the Downing Street private dinners for wealthy donors, we once again see the pathetic attempts by their parliamentary backbenchers to follow orders and somehow link this with the support of the trade unions for the Labour Party.
Eisenhower, he was a major (rather than a colonel as stated in the photo caption) at that time and had very little involvement except to follow orders, which he later questioned.
Last night, the company blamed its junk mail gaffe on an Indian call centre failing to follow orders.
Cops said he and five others did not follow orders quickly enough to move off a sidewalk.
Talking to media men here the other day, the Labour Officer Chakwal District said that challans tickets would also be issued to owners of private schools failing to follow orders of the prime minister regarding paying salary of Rs.
After a treacherous new assignment in which Ryan fails to follow orders, Laing lands in the office of Jason Sachs, the Inspector General of Echelon, who recruits Laing for a secret mission.
As a soldier, her responsibility is to follow orders and go where she's sent,'' Clark said.
A Home Office spokeswoman said help to follow orders was available to offenders.
This seems to contradict thestatements that British soldiers are the best trained in the world and follow orders to the letter.