follow precedent

See: conform
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To such a leader who breaks these customs, it's impossible that his Taiwan policy will follow precedent," Chang contended, forecasting that Xi will come up with more new approaches for cross-strait links.
Some constitutional theorists treat precedent as capable of supplementing and even supplanting the text's historical meaning; for them, choosing to follow precedent that diverges from the original meaning is relatively unproblematic.
The Legal Process is concerned very much with the operation of courts that set and follow precedent, and 'Relations' includes state and federal common law in the legal universe that it explores.
The management committee has decided to follow precedent by deducting all the points gained by Kilmarnock in the matches in which the two illegally registered players participated.
It is another to say precisely what it means to follow precedent.
When laws are not explicit, judges can follow precedent or set ones of their own.
If Wales becomes independent then I hope we do not follow precedent with a second Senedd chamber.
In a majority opinion written by Justice Stephen Breyer, the Court's decision is primarily a victory for stare decisis (by which courts follow precedent and do not lightly overturn settled principles of law).
35) In other words, for an originalist, the default rule is to follow the original meaning, but he might have good reason to depart from the original meaning and follow precedent in a particular case.
Nevertheless, when governing decisions are unworkable or are badly reasoned, this Court has never felt constrained to follow precedent.
Instead, the dissents and failures to follow precedent thus far largely have been intended to extend a dialogue over proper interpretation.
There is no feeling among Justices that they have to follow precedent, even when they are somewhat unhappy with it, so long as there is no compelling reason for changing it.