follow suit

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Paddy Power, head of communications for the firm, said: ``We urge all our competitors to follow suit and do their bit to raise money for this vital cause.
He said: ``We hope our move on lighting will encourage other town centre buildings to follow suit.
Greenpeace Toxics Specialist Rick Hind hopes "that other industries will follow suit and `Just Do It' when it comes to using PVC-free materials.
When he headed the Soviet government, Mikhail Gorbachev twice instituted unilateral bans on nuclear testing, hoping that the United States would follow suit, but each time our Government refused.
Samsung is expected to release its own universal player soon, and others, including large CE vendors, may follow suit before long.
Announcing Asda was once again cutting the price of fuel, a spokesman added: "Hopefully this time our competitors will follow suit.
Bishop Claude Miller, who launched his walk last spring for PWRDF's Partnership for Life program, inspired many parishioners to follow suit.
Surely, we have the expertise to follow suit and use our reservoir's outfall in a similar way?
We have confidence that this deal will follow suit.
The county ordinance would only apply to unincorporated areas, so Los Angeles and other cities need to consider whether they need to follow suit.
The result, noted BBC News on February 22, was a "round of dollar declines," and talk from other central bankers that "other nations may follow suit and now ditch the dollar.
By taking the lead in recognising the skills and social and community values associated with darts, we hope others will follow suit in the near future to complete its formal and official recognition as a sport.