follow the example of

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It were good, therefore, that men in their innovations would follow the example of time itself; which indeed innovateth greatly, but quietly, by degrees scarce to be perceived.
A very strong instance of which I shall give you in this address, in which I am determined to follow the example of all other dedicators, and will consider not what my patron really deserves to have written, but what he will be best pleased to read.
I shall follow the example of men who have made their fortunes.
The little ready money which was in the country was chiefly in possession of this persecuted people, and the nobility hesitated not to follow the example of their sovereign, in wringing it from them by every species of oppression, and even personal torture.
Notwithstanding this, I shall follow the example of most voyagers, and treat of them as forming part and parcel of Marquesas.
The only sentinel that guarded the coast (a coast very badly guarded, seeing that a landing from large ships was impossible), without having been able to follow the example of the fishermen, who were gone to bed, imitated them so far, that he slept at the back of his watch-box as soundly as they slept in their beds.
During the homily of his Mass of investiture it was comforting to hear Benedict acknowledge that he wants to follow the example of the Good Shepherd.
Instead, Lula should follow the example of Parana, a southern state bordering Rio Grande do Sul.
Liverpool is to follow the example of Ireland and New York and ban smoking in public places.
Or you could follow the example of Michelle Hoskins, who initially kept her business close to home by creating syrup sensations in her mother's basement.
The plan is to follow the example of the Japanese company's new Aygo by adopting a dramatic design to make the car more of an eye-catcher.
Of course, they could follow the example of the United States and cut government services, reduce health and safety regulations, reduce health and social protections, lower wages and cut taxes, especially for the high-income brackets.