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The outcome of it was that von Horn finally decided to make an attempt to follow the trail of the creature that the woman had seen, and with this plan in view persuaded Muda Saffir to arrange with the chief of the long-house at which they then were to furnish him with trackers and an escort of warriors, promising them some splendid heads should they be successful in overhauling Bulan and his pack.
These strategies follow the patient from the front door of the hospital or emergency room all the way through discharge - examining key aspects of patient flow and quality--and also follow the trail of billing and collections to discover major cash-flow leaks.
You can certainly tell when the recycling wagon been around, just follow the trail of empty plastic bottles and cans and listen to them roll round all night.
They just need to follow the trail of coloured bunnies around the store.
While not as frightening as Stoker's tale, it is fascinating to follow the trail of Dracula from medieval times to the present, and the variety of readers all do an excellent job bringing the story to life.
To catch him you'd just have to follow the trail of cakes to the van.
The swimmers follow the trail of CSA standout Kara Denby, who competed in the U.
Instead, let me follow the trail of betrayal itself.
On May 26, when Beaulieu Vineyard's big, red, branded tour bus rolls away from the winery in Rutherford and launches the BV Vineyard to Vegas national tour, online viewers and winery fans can follow the trail of charity grape stomps and concert dates from a dedicated micro Web site: www.
From June 20-26, participants will follow the trail of Jesus via lectures and field trips to such places as the garden of Gethsemane, the Holy Sepulchre and along the Via Dolorosa.
Robinson must follow the trail of clues and stop them before they kill again.
The location and distribution of the paleochannels that transported these secondary alluvial deposits will allow us to follow the trail of indicator minerals back to their primary source, which we believe lies within our licence areas.