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In Niamey, the services offered were 1,670 consultations, 1,357 prescriptions, 182 medical examinations, 18 follow-ups, 294 treatment refunds, medical care for 15 chronic patients, 153 home visits and 15 informative sessions for refugees.
We followed up these cases for five to 10 years and now they no longer need to visit us regularly for any further follow-ups.
These data sets are full of objects that deserve the kind of individual follow-ups that well-equipped amateurs can study--if interesting objects can be recognized via the types of global data management that the AAVSO sees as a big part of its future.
Survival rates increased at one, two, and three-year follow-ups.
They met because the bridegroom was the bride's dentist, and when she first visited himhaving not been to the dentist in several yearsshe had a root canal and multiple cavities, necessitating several follow-ups and the development of a relationship, albeit of the strictly dentist-patient variety.
Videotaped treatment sessions were used in conjunction with 1-mo, 1-yr, and 8-yr follow-ups to analyze a case study of hypnotic treatment for pain and neuromuscular rehabilitation in a 30-yr-old female with multiple sclerosis (MS).