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No pneumothorax or difficulty on lead operating occurred in the operation and no subclavian crush syndrome occurred in the follow-ups, which confirmed the efficacy and safety of this technique.
Of the 41 patients with TCCs, no patient had a TCC [greater than or equal to] 10 mm at its largest diameter during both the preoperative thyroid US examinations and US follow-ups. During the thyroid US follow-ups, no TCCs demonstrated an increase that was 2 or more times of their largest diameter.
Complex news requires follow-ups. Follow-ups require future files.
With these pieces, the product can be introduced to prospects, with an explanation indicating they will receive phone follow-ups. Costs associated with direct mail include development and production of sales materials, plus handling and postage.
Evaluation is difficult work: Because follow-up takes years, many children are lost to researchers as families move away and kids drop out of school or fail to return questionnaires.
Sharjah: A new 120-bed multi-speciality hospital, called Medcare Hospital in Sharjah, was officially launched on Thursday, featuring an online consultation service for follow-ups.
These studies contradict earlier research which was based on short term follow-ups.
Follow-up inspections at National Beef would have revealed that management wasn't paying attention.
The combined tools help small businesses and associations build long-lasting business relationships by empowering them to know and control whom they select to send each campaign to, and then allow them to apply surgical and smart follow-up techniques from within Results CRM, based on the reality of how each campaign was received."
But what most impresses Farber is the number of radium-treatment patients that may be available for follow-up study -- conservatively 250,000, and perhaps 1 million who were exposed as healthy children and young men.
Vaillant analyzed early prospective data on these men gathered by other researchers and, starting in 1977, coordinated regular physical and psychological follow-ups. At the time of the most recent follow-up, in 1992, participants were between 60 and 70 years old.