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With BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring([R]) you can significantly reduce the follow-up burden, and it provides you by the same time with early detection of clinically relevant events.
These patients are completely cured from the disease and they no longer need any medical follow-ups.
Debate surrounds decisions over whether patients should be put forward for follow-ups or referred straightaway for a colposcopy to carry out a more detailed investigation.
Debate surrounds whether patients should receive regular follow-ups or be referred straightaway for a colposcopy to carry out a more detailed investigation.
Researchers did a number of follow-ups during the children's first year, and again at 30 months, 8 to 12 years, and, most recently, 13 to 18 years.
Sonazoid promises to contribute to improving differential and presence diagnosis in diagnosing lesions associated with hepatic tumors as well as assessing the effectiveness of local treatment and post-treatment follow-ups in liver cancer patients.
In addition to responding to aircraft alerts, LAPD conducts investigative follow-ups.
For homeowners policies, they check for claims filed with other carriers within the last five years and conduct follow-ups on the condition of homes before renewals.
People appreciate taking extra steps like follow-ups and working on weekends," says Masubuchi.
Cole has written a book that fans of the genre should enjoy and two follow-ups are already available.
The Auditor General's report attributed the untimely follow-ups in part to high turnover among the board's investigative staff: the agency had five different investigators in fiscal years 2003 and 2004.
Here are follow-ups on recent projects from LWVEF Director of the Global Democracy Program Zaida Arguedas and LWVUS Board Member Sarah Diefendorf.