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In addition to the 27 sequels scheduled for release this year a slew of other possible follow-up projects are also being looked at, including new "Bridget Jones" and "Ghostbusters" films.
At follow-up 2 months later, we noted that a large, painless ulcer had formed within the flap (figure 1).
The night city editor or the morning wire-service editor would file and keep track of stories and the reporters assigned to cover follow-ups.
Case execution may include such support as requisition processing, material follow-ups, supply discrepancy report (SDR) tracking, and customer liaison services between the foreign military customer and the U.
Thus, a prudent choice for concealed carry is the ergonomic Ruger with double-action first shot and single-action follow-ups so the bulky, gloved trigger finger won't block trigger return and prevent further functioning, and an easily operated de-cocking lever.
It spawned a number of special effect-filled follow-ups.
At all three follow-ups, girls in the intervention group were less likely to experience first intercourse than girls in the control group and this difference was statistically significant at the first and the final (15 month) follow-ups.
BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring([R]) is a highly effective method of follow-ups like the TRUST1-2 study proofed: BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring([R]) delivers a reduction of 45 percent of in-office follow-ups.
Key to the success of multi-wavelength monitoring, especially when it comes to fast transients, is the rapidity at which follow-ups can be executed.
The follow-ups will be through e-mail, SMS and phone calls.
Hollywood is littered with uninspired follow-ups to successful movies.