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At follow-up 2 months later, we noted that a large, painless ulcer had formed within the flap (figure 1).
It went on to win seven Oscars and quickly inspired a cult following, along with three follow-ups.
Assuming two annual visits for pacemaker patients and four visits for ICD and CRT patients, the total number of routine follow-ups would increase from 1.
The integration also saves time by allowing us to manage our follow-ups and all our lists from within Results.
We wanted to provide patients with a medium where they can directly contact healthcare professionals who can deal with their queries and concerns and to provide comprehensive support and guidance to enrolled patients through out-bound calls about how to manage their condition and to closely follow-up with them after their visit to ensure they are abiding by the doctor's instructions.
The interview, and all the follow-ups, with King Kenny is just an example.
Hollywood is littered with uninspired follow-ups to successful movies.
Six months after a person's treatment began, 80 percent of those who received telephone psychotherapy reported a marked decline in depression symptoms, compared with 66 percent of the care-management group and 55 percent of those who got only typical primary care follow-ups.
It was unlikely that the boat could give the free abortions for which it was praised by the media, he said, because it could not provide the medical follow-ups required after the first use of RU-486.
Raiders of the Lost Ark took pounds 308m while follow-ups Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade took pounds 248m and pounds 298m respectively.
These studies contradict earlier research which was based on short term follow-ups.
The final cassette is devoted to acknowledgements and follow-ups, as enlightening and interesting as the first nine tapes.