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The Prince acquiesced, however, although his disposition was precisely of that kind which is apt to be obstinate upon trifles, and, assuming his throne, and being surrounded by his followers, gave signal to the heralds to proclaim the laws of the tournament, which were briefly as follows:
In Dryden, and his followers through the eighteenth century, we see the reaction against the exuberance and irregularity of that prose, no longer justified by power, but cognizable rather as bad taste.
From a heterogeneous collection of loot, Achmet Zek procured a pith helmet and a European saddle, and from his black slaves and followers a party of porters, askaris and tent boys to make up a modest safari for a big game hunter.
He determined to go and see them, and to find out the truth for himself; so one night, without saying anything to the Queen or his ministers, he set out for the palace where the two ladies lived, attended only by a small band of followers.
The Airdrie gym owner is likely to make a small fortune from sponsored posts after data by digital marketing experts Rise at Seven revealed influencers are now paid PS0.0033p for every follower they have.
Summary: London [UK], July 4 (ANI): If your follower count on social media bothered you, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that a count of 30,000 followers is enough to make an account influential.
In an article in Samantha Woods talks about 'Follower Bots Exposed: How to Spot Fake Influencers.' With regards to fake influencers for our discussion, the issue is not their existence, but rather their actual reach.
Social media consultant Matt Navarra has compiled some numbers on Instagram's biggest accounts which have, by virtue of their follower count, lost the largest numbers.
For example, they suggested that the relationship between a leader and follower can have a spillover effect on coworker relationships (e.g., Sherony and Green, 2002).
Twitter earlier this week announced it will remove locked accounts--which are disabled owing to suspicious activity --from follower counts across profiles globally.
This week, well be removing these locked accounts from follower counts across profiles globally, said Twitter.
Twitter CEO Jack Dosey tweeted out a message on Wednesday stating that the popular microblogging site would be "removing locked Twitter accounts (locked when we detect suspicious changes in behavior) from follower counts across profiles globally," adding that " the number of followers displayed on many profiles may go down."