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Among others, NPR and The Washington Post say they don't have an explicit rule against it, although padding one's follower count would likely violate general rules about maintaining "credibility" and "transparency," according to both organizations.
Honored to be @KingAbdullahII 's 1st follower on @Twitter .
Everyone is a follower at some point, and being a good follower can require as much attention as being a good leader.
Users can send one-on-one snaps, which followers can view only once, or they can share content through Snapchat Stories, which can be replayed multiple times and are viewable by all followers.
Aristotle has been quoted as saying, He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.
Together these theories provide a useful framework for understanding the relationship between leadership style and follower behaviors.
In (Flocker, 2012b) an asymmetric acceleration-derived cam motion program is presented; the designed program is intended for a single-dwell cam-follower mechanism in which there is a clearance between the cam and follower during dwell; the aim of the program is to control the ratio of the positive and negative accelerations.
Specifically, the follower characteristics of identifying with the leader, building trust, and courageous communication (Rosenbach et al, 2012) are examined in relation to transformational leader characteristics of inspiring a shared vision and encouraging the heart (Kouzes and Posner, 2012).
Why not use a short cartridge follower conversion kit?
Keywords: Emotional contagion, followercentric approach, leader, follower, leadership
The authors in [22] solve the first-order leader follower consensus problem in the case where the topology is only jointly connected.
In fact, Modi's follower base on the micro-blogging site was more than 15 million in September and in the past two months, he has got a million more followers.