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Several prominent celebrities across the world - including entertainers, entrepreneurs and media figures - have lost their followers after a probe was announced in the US last week into digital marketing company Devumi that is reportedly selling fake followers to some of the Twitter users.
According to New York Times, more than a million followers have vanished from various accounts, belonging to dozens of prominent users, as the micro-blogging site faces growing scrutiny about fake accounts and the shadowy firms that peddle fake followers.
But he removed himself from the site after his name came up in a probe into stars' use of a firm that sells followers.
Expressing his opposition to underage marriages, Pagara said to his followers that he was receiving complaints that some of his followers were marrying their daughters off at an early age.
Just a few weeks later, the third Beckham son, Cruz, age 12, posted a video of himself playing the piano to celebrate getting his own one million followers.
With almost 40 million followers US President @realDonaldTrump is now the most followed world leader on Twitter #Twiplomacy pic.
Some have lost sight of Kelley's insistence on followership as a viable choice in its own right--Barbara Kellerman's 2007 HBR article defines followers entirely in opposition to leaders.
Kim Kardashian West6 100 million followers 6 $500,000 per post
By relevant, we mean influencers who have bona-fide followers (have not bought followers or engagement), are real people (and not inanimate objects -- like businesses that have social media accounts and followers), promote or represent acceptable social practices (no hate speech, sexual content, etc.
When a user posts content to their Snapchat Story, their followers can view it for 24 hours before it disappears.
The motivation for writing this article was to explore the connection and relationship between leaders and followers and move away from my preoccupation with leadership.