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In many cases, leadership and followership roles alternate over time.
Followership is the willingness and capacity of all individuals in a group to actively follow the leader of that group.
A conscious attitude toward followership can support the development of critical leadership attributes.
This guide explains how to be an effective follower and the organizational environments most compatible with specific followership styles, as well as the most appealing jobs for followers and work-related factors that will create job satisfaction.
Three months ago, early in 2017, we devoted our winter issue to the topic of leadership transitions, the actions that promote a smooth and collaborative transfer of power as a new leader takes the helm, as well as what increases or decreases followership.
Followership is stressed throughout the Coast Guard Academy cadet program, but particularly during the first year, as students learn about the Coast Guard and begin to develop a commitment to the service's missions and values.
i) We know this to be true and yet an enormous amount of research, thinking and writing has addressed issues relating to leadership, much less attention has been paid to followership.
In this process-approach, three key concepts should be taken into account: changes of distribution of relative power resources, leadership projects, and followership.
The President concluded by saying that his mandate will not be marked by followership to any country, "Long live Lebanon
By simple math, most leadership lessons are learned in the heavy followership moment because the majority of our time is spent following.
Specifically, the fit of a five-factor model was compared with the fit of two alternatives (a one-factor model and a two-factor model in which the followership dimensions loaded on the same factor and the leadership dimension loaded on the same factor).
This study revisits the concept of political opinion leadership and followership in the context of the current social and media environments.