following the letter

See: verbatim
References in classic literature ?
Alexandre Manette," said Defarge in his ear, following the letters with his swart forefinger, deeply engrained with gunpowder.
Following the letter, the House Ways and Means Committee approved legislation to make permanent the 50% first-year expensing, also known as bonus depreciation.
Following the letter, the Welsh Government confirmed that some patients could be transferred across the border to receive treatment to avoid long waiting lists.
Summary: Muscat: Following the letter received from Muscat Securities Market (MSM) with reference to the increase .
Alan Sherwood, Forfar FOLLOWING the letter from Jenny J, rock and pop stars have always been into drugs.
Following the letter from Mrs Dooley of New Marske, the only action which will prevent any child having a serious accident on Saltburn Beach is to be properly supervised by a responsible adult.
Following the letter through its arrival in hands of so many recipients, Chain Letter carries its young readers through the good and bad things that fulfilling or disregarding a chain letter might bring in an entertaining and creative story that includes elephants, snake escapes, the Statute of Liberty and her generous donations, the abominable snow man, and so much more.
FOLLOWING the letter (ECHO, November 18) in relation to the new Paradise Street bus station.
Even where companies are following the letter of the law, CPAs should encourage them to be careful and keep a sharp eye on court decisions concerning independent contractor status.
Following the letter 'Can any organist beat record of 72 years' (December 2003), I received a call from Clare Dalon who has been an organist in the diocese of Kelowna since the age of 16; she is now 87.
FOLLOWING the letter praising the postal service, I wish to add my story (Mirror Mailbox, August 28).
Record editors contend Zisa is following the letter of the law to punish the paper for its coverage of the chief and his brother, Mayor Jack Zisa.