following upon

See: incident
References in classic literature ?
MY BELOVED MAKAR ALEXIEVITCH,--It is true that misfortune is following upon misfortune.
Following upon Capitalism, it was held, even by such intellectual and antagonistic giants as Herbert Spencer, that Socialism would come.
It has fallen to my lot," Inspector Jacks said, "to take charge of the investigations following upon the murder of a man named Hamilton Fynes, who was killed on his way from Liverpool to London about a fortnight ago.
Following upon what I have just told you, certain other information has come into my possession to this effect--that not only was this murderer a Japanese, but we have evidence which seems to suggest that he was attached in some way to your household.
For some time he found one disappointment following upon the heels of another in quick succession.
And the man was uninterested, pulling stolidly away at his pipe, in the darkness following upon the third match.
You see, my medical friend, that there has been a great tide in the night, following upon the flood?
Your Honor," Watson said next day to the village Justice, a well to do farmer and graduate, thirty years before, from a cow college, "since this Sol Witberg has seen fit to charge me with battery, following upon my charge of battery against him, I would suggest that both cases be lumped together.
Everybody, I suppose, knows the dreamy, delicious state in which one lies, half asleep, half awake, while consciousness begins to return after a sound night's rest in a new place which we are glad to be in, following upon a day of unwonted excitement and exertion.
And the sensation was intolerable, had something of the withering horror that may be conceived as following upon the utter extinction of all hope.
He was the idolized only son of a very wealthy and illiterate Government contractor, and attended the lectures only during the periodical fits of contrition following upon tearful paternal remonstrances.
Following upon the health system review, two policy dialogue events will be conducted that provide a neutral forum for senior government, development partners and international experts to discuss key policy issues confronting the Ministry of Health.