following upon

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References in classic literature ?
MY BELOVED MAKAR ALEXIEVITCH,--It is true that misfortune is following upon misfortune.
Following upon Capitalism, it was held, even by such intellectual and antagonistic giants as Herbert Spencer, that Socialism would come.
It has fallen to my lot," Inspector Jacks said, "to take charge of the investigations following upon the murder of a man named Hamilton Fynes, who was killed on his way from Liverpool to London about a fortnight ago.
Following upon what I have just told you, certain other information has come into my possession to this effect--that not only was this murderer a Japanese, but we have evidence which seems to suggest that he was attached in some way to your household.
For some time he found one disappointment following upon the heels of another in quick succession.
And the man was uninterested, pulling stolidly away at his pipe, in the darkness following upon the third match.
You see, my medical friend, that there has been a great tide in the night, following upon the flood?
w Six hours later and following upon a tip off, police turned up at the home of Sam Prandle and arrested him along with four others.
She added: "In essence, it is our understanding that Mr Philipps is very much suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder which has been following upon his solitary confinement some years ago for over a year.
Following upon the documentary history Children of the Gulag, which she coedited with Semyon S.
Following upon the request of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), the contractor of the new Air Traffic Management System (ATMS), Raytheon Company, today (April 15) submitted its report on a momentary hitch experienced with the new ATMS on April 8, and committed to providing a software fix for testing within two weeks to fully solve the problem in the long run.
Simon Beanland, senior director and head of investment at Bilfinger GVA in Newcastle, said: "This sale confirms the continued healthy investment demand for Spectrum Business Park following upon the recent sale we concluded of Spectrum 8 Building, let to Durham County Council.