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Iranian Shoura Council Speaker Ali Larijani accused Mousavi and Karroubi of falling into the US trap and condemned what he termed the American-Israeli counter-revolutionary un-Islamic and anti-Patriotic Strife fomented by these 2 gentlemen.
Earlier, the Press Trust of India (PTI) reported that India has once again asked Pakistan to take effective action against infiltration from across the LoC and dismantle terror infrastructure there as it is the people of the state who suffer from the consequences of terrorism fomented from across the border.
President Ahmadi-nejad told the non-aligned nations Tuesday that the world's major powers caused AIDS and fomented discord in the world to sell arms.
The attorney for one of two Jewish Defense League members arrested in a bomb plot said Thursday that an FBI informant fomented the plot to blow up a mosque and a congressman's office.
On occasion, slaves fomented conspiracies, first by the Bambara (a Senegambian nation strongly represented in Louisiana), and then in the 1790s.
Wars are fomented and harnessed by people and organizations that exploit the camouflage of conflict to enlarge the powers of government.
That's Michael Caine's assessment of first-time director Evi Quaid - as in the very colorful wife of Randy Quaid, who in the past fomented controversy with over-the-top behavior that included calling her sister-in-law, Meg Ryan, her evil twin.
However, isn't THE NEW AMERICAN the magazine that warned us about Middle Eastern aggression, fomented by our "allies" the "former" Soviet Union and the still-Communist People's Republic of China?