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My transformation into subversive educator, fomenter of democracy within my own classroom, was well underway.
Pour ce qui est de la competence en interaction orale, son activite type, en l'occurrence le jeu de roles, progresse chaque fois plus fortement vers le jeu de roles improvise par le biais d'un processus evolutif passant par la suppression de toute preparation ecrite, puis de toute preparation grace a l'utilisation de declencheurs dans un premier temps, de tels declencheurs pouvant prendre de nombreuses formes et etant susceptibles de fomenter l'action et la composition de maniere simultanee, car permettant aux acteurs en formation de trouver les solutions adaptees ou ressources de la continuite tout en interagissant.
du Chastelet as a principal fomenter of rumours against Marillac.
Maybe Sheila is never the fomenter of slave morality; maybe Sheila and William never seek love in power without domination, suffering without subordination, in the cruel coils of divorce.
Presumably, now that Gaddafi is so firmly in the Western fold, we will be prepared to forget his own atrocious record on civil rights and his history as a fomenter of terrorism.
It demonizes Israel, treating it simply as a tool of imperialism and as the chief fomenter of the Bush administration's march toward war against Iraq.
One wonders whether such a value judgment would now result in Abbagnano's arraignment as a fomenter of hate in France or Germany, where even less offensive published statements can lead--and, in fact, have led--to criminal charges being brought against hapless authors.
Some among us, including both historians and theologians, have interpreted this emphasis on the prominence of the individual and soul competency as a historical aberration in Baptist history and the fomenter of great evil among the Baptist people.
To "liberate" the fomenter of innovative scholarship from adverse consequences would introduce a thoroughgoing relativity into scholarly discourse that would destroy categories and disciplines, based as they are on accepted and identifiable--as well as disputed and changing-- premises.
Griffith's racist film, Birth of a Nation, in 1915, a notable fomenter of racial antagonism in its own right.
He undoubtedly left in his wake some `Gnostic school', still active when the Acts were written, and even later, since Hippolytus (100-65 AD) compares him to the `grave Heraclitus' and Eusebius of Caesarea (265-340 AD) also sees him as the first fomenter of every heresy.
Having reversed its policy, its modern successor "has now come to seem a fomenter of social division," "deeply implicated" in growing societal warfare.