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In case of India, international community is aware that state actors have been involved in destabilizing and fomenting terrorism in neighbouring countries including Pakistan.
Kyrgyzstan's interim government said on Monday it had arrested a "well-known person" on suspicion of fomenting the worst ethnic riots in 20 years, which have killed at least 117 and left cities in flames.
A guide for fomenting self-mastery and a life lived to the fullest, Human Technology encapsulizes an enlightened way of thinking about ourselves, our fellow human beings, and all aspects of life including birth, sexuality, aging, and death.
While job figures have gone up, the Mayor pointed to the importance of events like The Gates for fomenting economic activity.
Furthermore, the understandable resentment bred by the policy carried out by the Coast Guard is fomenting anti-Americanism in Ecuador--and with it the possibility of blowback.
His removal in 362 was prompted by his refusal to act as pagan emperor Julian's catspaw in fomenting Christian infighting.
The authorities neither took responsibility for their role in fomenting the unrest nor for their failure to quell it.
Ateek also said that the separation wall being built by Israel has been fomenting more "militarism, hatred and resentment" among Palestinians.
For too many pan-Arabist politicians, the possibility of foreign intervention in Sudan is a greater problem than the overwhelming humanitarian disaster in that nation--never mind whether Arab militias have been fomenting genocide.
While many fundamentalists and traditionalist Catholics have praised the film, some critics have scored it as too bloody and accused Gibson of fomenting anti-Semitism by implying that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus.
Moshe Yaalon recently told journalists that, in the words of The Washington Post's Molly Moore, "Israel's military tactics against the Palestinian population were too repressive and were fomenting explosive levels of 'hatred and terrorism' .