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Kyrgyzstan's interim government said on Monday it had arrested a "well-known person" on suspicion of fomenting the worst ethnic riots in 20 years, which have killed at least 117 and left cities in flames.
For too many pan-Arabist politicians, the possibility of foreign intervention in Sudan is a greater problem than the overwhelming humanitarian disaster in that nation--never mind whether Arab militias have been fomenting genocide.
Ateek also said that the separation wall being built by Israel has been fomenting more "militarism, hatred and resentment" among Palestinians.
The authorities neither took responsibility for their role in fomenting the unrest nor for their failure to quell it.
While many fundamentalists and traditionalist Catholics have praised the film, some critics have scored it as too bloody and accused Gibson of fomenting anti-Semitism by implying that Jews were responsible for the death of Jesus.
Moshe Yaalon recently told journalists that, in the words of The Washington Post's Molly Moore, "Israel's military tactics against the Palestinian population were too repressive and were fomenting explosive levels of 'hatred and terrorism' .
Traditionalists accuse progressivists of fomenting anarchy, while progressivists accuse traditionalists of fomenting authoritarianism.
By the end of the seventeenth century, the colony "was out of control"--oblivious to the desires of the home government to stop the pernicious policy of fomenting Indian wars in order to obtain more Indian slaves.
If this wasn't as serious a statement from someone involved as deeply in fomenting war, it might even be funny.
While I certainly appreciate the reasoning behind not tying fundraising compensation to funds raised (after all, in the world of academia, funds are raised for the good of the school, not as a means to expand one's salary base), and while I also appreciate the "soft" nature of many results in the fundraising world (the ongoing fomenting of relationships that may one day bear fruit), I do wonder, in this instance, at UK's reluctance to insist on even the most fundamental modes of accountability.
Thus far, the economic class warfare that unions and other organizations are waging is fomenting around pay and severance has not taken hold.
The younger Dylan, 30, was born in the year of Woodstock, 1969, when the elder Dylan was harnessing rock's drive to a sense of moral outrage and fomenting a cultural revolution.