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Nowadays, with the right software, it can take just 45 seconds to produce a font, Berlow said.
As a client for Suitcase Server X1, Suitcase for Windows ensures consistent, reliable font use among all members of the creative workgroup.
The latest iType release supports linked fonts, which allows for a grouping of fonts to be treated as a single font, without having to merge multiple font files.
The iType font engine supports innovative features such as Monotype Imaging's patent-pending SmartHint[TM] technology, designed to enable the high-quality display of East Asian characters scaled to small sizes.
Suitcase for Windows is the only font manager for Windows with Font Sense([TM])-powered auto-activation plug-ins for key professional layout and illustration applications including Adobe InDesign CS2 and QuarkXPress 7.
Japan and China, Monotype Imaging is a global leader in fonts and font technologies for graphic professionals, software developers and manufacturers of printers and display devices.
QNX chose Font Fusion because the font rendering subsystem provides a highly scalable font architecture for the embedded environment.
Morrison SoftDesign's FontDoctor is the industry standard tool for locating and eliminating hard-to-find font problems that impact a system's performance and applications.
This release of Font Fusion builds on the momentum of the releases over the past year and raises our own standard for speed from a font rendering solution.
The benefits of our ESQ Mobile font collection go far beyond the expanding range of designs," said John Seguin, executive vice president and general manager of Monotype Imaging's Display Imaging group.
This number includes more than 3,000 products in the OpenType font format.
We're setting a new course with China Type to serve a wide range of industries, from mobile phones to office printers, where in many regions of Asia highly specialized font and text technologies are necessary," said Robert M.