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Libraries across the world, such as the National Library of France, the Leiden University Library in the Netherlands, the University of Birmingham Library in Britain and the Berlin Library in Germany, keep copies of the Qur'an written in the Madani font.
With the larger font, the density is set at 4, a smaller number.
Graphic designers can manage sets of fonts. Define font sets for a specific project or client, and load these fonts as needed.
Font designers develop a font's aesthetic based on its intended use.
Emboss Fonts creates highly personalized fonts for the Mac & PC, Stephen Boss (owner) has been designing fonts since the Mid Nineties.
The product allows web designers to design offline, find the font that best meets their design needs and then license the font when they are ready to go live on the web.
Besides, Times New Roman is just too awful to resist another post on the Font That Dare Not Speak Its Name.
Currently there is only one extension available, which adds a preview window with the currently selected font applied to a text block, or the full character-code view of the font.
When desktop publishing was introduced in 1985, the surfeit of font choices led many people to create, documents that looked like ransom notes written by a terribly inspired ten-year-old.
* Optimize the Windows Fonts Control Panel by moving fonts not required by Windows into the font library
MAY BE this is just a journalist thing, but don't you just love fonts?
All this being said, for most computer users these days who are not graphic designers, the term "font" has become interchangeable with and often replaces the term "typeface."