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In large part, study samples were comprised of high-involved athletes and analyses were based on biochemical tests and/or food records in small samples (N = 16) or focused on anthropometric measurements (N = 14).
Green TJ, Brian AO and DL O'Connor Three-day weighed food record and a semi-quantitative food-frequency questionnaire are valid measures for assessing the folate and vitamin b-12 intakes of women aged 16 to 19 years.
Subjects were asked to complete a 4-day food record on two separate occasions (T0; T1, 3 months after T0).
Methods: Fourteen non-vegetarian endurance-trained males completed a seven-day weighed food record and exercise logs to determine habitual dietary carnitine intake.
Themes generated from three focus group discussions (9 health workers, 7 mothers and 8 fathers) were used to design a semi-structured questionnaire to interview 34 mothers, 20 of whom were observed for 12 hours at home and their infant's dietary intake measured by 12-h weighed food record and 24-h recall, (assuming medium breast milk intake).
An easy-to-use semiquantitative food record validated for energy intake by using doubly labelled water technique.
She reviews the value of the weighed food record in dietary surveys and the use of biomarkers in validation studies, and acknowledges the value of the Webb study in providing new information on portion sizes appropriate for use in studies of this age group.
Research has shown that one of the most effective methods to enhance both weight loss and weight maintenance is by keeping a daily food record.
In this article the investigators used a weighed food record (WFR) to obtain the best estimate of food and nutrient intake of 18-monthold children.
Although the study is longitudinal, this is the first and only weighed food record conducted on the CAPS sample.
Members can also keep a food record and email it to expert R.
To test the ability of the Guide to estimate nutrients provided from a menu, measurement characteristics were compared with weighed food record analysis.