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24) Another fMRI study done on congenital leptin deficiency subjects also showed that leptin could diminish food reward and enhance the response to satiety signals generated during food consumption through modulation of neuronal activity.
For delayed food rewards, multiple nonlinear regression analyses revealed that discounting by the BED group differed significantly from that of the control group, F(2, 6) = 191.
The aim of this study is to contribute knowledge on the diversity and distribution of ants at three liquid food rewards present in three widely distributed plant species in the study area, as well as the interactions between ants and the mentioned FRs.
In the world of cynomolgus macaque monkeys stressed out by unfamiliar surroundings, cocaine or food rewards are chosen depending on social status, Wake Forest University experimenters tell us.
Although precise numbers are unavailable, food rewards programs in schools have been around for years.
Silk and other investigators have reported that chimps don't give food rewards to their comrades, even at no cost to the potential donor.
The researchers ensured the chimps knew how to use the apparatus, and that they were clearly able to see the food rewards and the 'friend' they had opportunity to benefit.
Gradually increase contact time and use food rewards for good behaviour.
The bond between handler and falcon is built through weeks of conditioning in which the trainer teaches the bird trust through food rewards.
During the webinar, Ricerca shared its experience with the use of behavioral conditioning using enhanced food rewards as a means of significantly reducing animal handling and stress during dermal dosing as part of its ongoing animal welfare program.

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