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The introduction of Motrin Migraine Pain kicks off new Motrin franchise advertising developed by Lowe Lintas & Partners with the tagline, "For people who don't fool around with pain.
If the smart and ambitious kids are less likely to fool around, should we assume the unmotivated and less intelligent teens will stray off the chaste path?
Some children might think it could be exciting to fool around near railway lines, but the reality is it is incredibly dangerous and could result in serious injury or even being killed.
But at least the absurd situation provides the rapper-actors with opportunities to crack wise and fool around with weapons (Kurupt plays another inmate).
Gibson made it clear he wasn't there to fool around.
Lisa, 36, ended an eight-month romance following the ex-Army major's antics in Fool Around on digital channel E4.
But once we come back into the dugout in between innings, we fool around,'' said junior Delmon Young, considered the best high school player in the country but, among his teammates, just another funny man.
Gemma Morris scooped the cash after days flirting with the Dubliner on TV show Fool Around With My Boyfriend.