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Let's face it, a Skelmanthorpe win looked as likely as England ever winning the World Cup again, and I filmed what I foolhardily believed would be the over that took Scholes to another Sykes Cup final (You can watch Crossland break Scholes hearts on Youtube by entering Scholes CC).
On arrival on this island just under four years ago the dining destination was described as a 'must visit' and I foolhardily attempted to pop in one busy Thursday evening only to discover there was not a table to be had.
AaThe hostages are being held by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), which has celebrated its third anniversary with a wave of kidnappings, including the seizure of three Spanish NGO volunteers who were, perhaps foolhardily, driving their convoy of aid through Mauritania.
Foolhardily, one of the intruders instead tried to punch B.
She may seem like she is desperate to get older, once declaring (rather foolhardily she admits in retrospect), that she couldn't see herself dating anyone under the age of 30.