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And if somebody starts fooling around with the books, as happens in a big company, we won't put up with that.
The craze began last April at the Europa Cafe Bar, in Castle Street, when a group friends were DJing and started fooling around with album covers, taking photos of themselves with the sleeves strategically held in front of their faces.
It was just the boys Yussef and Ahmed (Boubker Ait El Caid and Said Tarchani, neither of whom have acted before) fooling around.
Last year 30 people died on North East tracks, most trespassers taking shortcuts or fooling around with mates.
Vera can find herself, "attracted to someone, I'd be fooling around with it or playing with it in my head.
Goddard, Clary reports, spent his boyhood and young adulthood in Massachusetts fooling around with chemicals, contraptions, and, especially, firing off hand-built versions of the short range, solid-fueled rockets that existed at the turn of the 20th century.
Porter and McGillis do it every which way: indoors and outdoors, standing up against refrigerators and chain-link fences, engaging in sadomasochistic sex play in a bedroom, and fooling around stark naked in a glass wall-enclosed living room encircled by views of surrounding skyscrapers.
A young workman fooling around at a Staffordshire pallet-making company fired a nail into a workmate's chest from a high-powered pneumatic air gun, a court was told yesterday.
Most of Petipa's original steps have devolved into dramatic posing and lots of arm-flapping, though the pantomime is crystal-clear: "No fooling around without a wedding ring," Odette gestures to love-struck Siegfried.
Women have probably been fooling around with each other since they lived in caves, since they told their tribespeople, "Hey, Doris and I have to go finish that painting in the cave.
BIG SHOW J Professor and Ella in Journey To The Land of Giants FOOLING AROUND of Flying Monkeys in Belfast yesterday