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"The deceptive guy who is going to gay bars and fooling around ...
For the first time they brought something back from the Internet dimension to their world: volcanic dust and Ashley insists she saw Austin playing when they needed to leave while he insists he was not fooling around. Someone wearing the identical clothing as Austin has on and looking like his twin is destroying the Dr.
TEN YEARS AGO, Tod Maffin was unemployed, living near Vancouver and fooling around with something called the Internet.
Then he winks and adds, "And they lay together." In the world of Alexander women were for procreation and men were for companionship--and a bit of fooling around, Farrell notes.
My cousin and I were fooling around in the lingerie department at the mall, holding way-too-big-for-us bras up to each other.
There are five manifestations of misbehavior (Charles, 2002): (1) Aggression--physical and/or verbal attacks; (2) Immorality--acts contrary to accepted ethical norms (e.g., cheating); (3) Defiance of--refusal to do as the teacher requests; (4) Classroom Disruptions--talking too loud, etc.; (5) Goofing Off--e.g., fooling around, out of seat, etc.
Politicians fooling around--plenty of wiggle room, as long as you hit the confessional prior to Communion and there is no fooling around between the Act of Contrition and receiving Communion.
Nia Dawson,defending said Watson had too much to drink and broke the glass while fooling around with a friend.
When the American Jesuit James Martin wrote in a New York Times op-ed that celibacy offers priests a way "of loving many people deeply, in a way that they would be unable to if they were in a single relationship," all too many readers took it as an endorsement of casual sex, known to the laity as "fooling around."
"Life's too short to waste fooling around with ditherers," Hughes stated with signature bluntness.
I was just fooling around for a while with different beginnings and storylines until finally I got the first sentence of the book, and then it kept pouring out."
What you found was if somebody starts fooling around with their numbers, it will all come back to haunt you.