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The Foolish Owl must be foolish or she wouldn't be the Foolish Owl.
They said good-bye to the Wise Donkey and the Foolish Owl and at once resumed their journey.
The seven-year-old, who has progressed to win at the top level since his handicap chase victory at the Festival last March, is unraced beyond three miles "He's never run at the reasow trip, so I would be very foolish to say he'll stay," said Meade
Its making our country look foolish and this is a country that I dont want looking foolish, and its not going to look foolish as long as Im here.
The senior advisor strongly condemned the foolish comments by Bahrain's foreign minister against Iran's history.
Some smart-aleck in the crowd must have told Jesus, "The foolish ones were the families who let their daughters go out alone at night
A foolish mestizo' is what he called Commission on Human Rights chief Jose Luis Gascon.
And now has put the onus to act on Trump, saying Kim would "watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees.
Labour are dangerously out of touch with the public on this issue - and Jeremy Corbyn must clarify whether he backs this foolish plan, or is too weak to lead his party.
The set of foolish statements Ivanov presented regarded religion, and weren't humorous at all because it was a matter of a serious event, as the one in Sarajevo.
It is foolish to try and get an aim in the first third of the season.