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Learn, then, from this picture, how we conduct ourselves in this world, wisely or foolishly, slipping and slithering our way through a life whose basis is even more ephemeral and fragile than ice.
Q I HOLD a provisional licence and foolishly reversed my car out of my drive unaccompanied to get into my garage and bumped into a vehicle coming round the corner.
That was the night's lone note, foolishly tacked to the company bulletin board, and promptly stolen
She offers him a job as her new buffer, a job offer Hayate foolishly accepts.
Traditional moral philosophers foolishly pursued that which does not exist, absolute truth, and they foolishly insisted on the myth that absolute altruism, totally ignoring our own needs, is a good idea.
Which is what I've told my sports editor as well, so no doubt he'll pick up the tab for what others might foolishly describe as a "holiday".
These were the things that made us distinctively Catholic and, by today's standards, foolishly Catholic.
Not only was the cornerstone rejected by the builders, but the cornerstone named Jesus rejected another stone forever: the one that foolishly tried to keep him in the grave.
Unfortunately uncertainty gripped me and I foolishly tried to step off going about 15mph, which ended up with my head saying hello to the base of the concrete streetlight.
Some of the problem even belongs to the portion of the teaching profession that, unmotivated, taught the town's children simple reading, writing and arithmetic, foolishly abandoning the idea of providing the true inspiration that could lift their charges above a life of merely following preceding generations to the factory at the end of Main Street.
Because the Bush administration foolishly refuses to allocate the money Congress had approved for UNFPA, Lois Abraham and I are asking 34 million Americans to contribute one dollar (see www.