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I know it's downright foolishness, but I jest can't help it.
They are young things, and their heads are filled with foolishness.
To her it seemed that his foolishness was becoming a madness.
I realize that it's all a great foolishness, all this highbrow stuff about navigation.
A cocktail or two, or several, I found, cheered me up for the foolishness of foolish people.
Now listen, O White Man, and I will tell you of a great foolishness.
Tis foolishness, of course," said he, roughly, "but I'd be cut up some meself if our little Pat was kidnapped or anything.
And spurious wisdom: so doth it call all the wit that slaves, and hoary- headed and weary ones affect; and especially all the cunning, spurious- witted, curious-witted foolishness of priests!
You can't imagine what an effectual remedy it is for every sort of foolishness.
Then she laughed at her foolishness, remembered Billy and the four-roomed cottage on Pine Street, and went to bed with her mind filled for the hundredth time with the details of the furniture.
And if it was foolishness, Syanna would not have these many supporters.
The once dazzling career of Elvis was allowed to fade to foolishness in this desert town.