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A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool.
Salman Khan has sent an sms to bollywood friends "I am not going to open my shirt in my up-coming films " Rakhi Sawant Replied " Ohh no I don't agree to this , this is disgusting" then Shahrukh replied " Hey Rakhi Dont get emotional it is April fool prank by Salman.
the young Shakespeare discovered the potential of fools to provide more
If we replay this story with prophets and fools we see the difference between them.
Holy fools in both antiquity and medieval Russia had a mixed fate; like other saints, their admiration and cult began locally and was sometimes accepted, sometimes rejected, by central authorities, but official reception seems both particularly strong and ambivalent.
Life is one fool thing after another, whereas love is two fool things after each other.
Fools of this type may be called idolatrous fools, worshiping the Past; or static fools, contented with the Present; or cowardly fools, opposed to change, fearful of the Future.
Fools in the underground are gonna start signing major deals and get bigger.
There, Southworth shows how English court fools have been incoherently costumed in modern productions, owing partly to confusion about the meaning of the word 'motley'.
The first British bungee jump was performed off Clifton Bridge in Bristol on April Fools Day in 1979.
His chief work, however, is Das Narrenschiff, a story of fools on a ship bound for a fool's paradise.
One might have hoped that an additional fifteen years' maturity would have generated a book that reflected less of the Anglo, star-struck romanticism that colored Mails' earlier volume on Fools Crow.