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Overall, average asking rents per square foot for ground floor space was highest on Fifth Avenue in Midtown.
Pre-mix and apply five drops of this oil blend to the area below each anklebone and then across the front of the foot, between the ankles.
Doctors estimate that nearly half of the amputations caused by neuropathy and poor circulation could have been prevented by careful foot care.
With proper training, dancing on pointe won't damage the bones of the foot.
We do a thorough, full-body assessment at the time of admission, including a foot assessment," she says.
Moreover, FBI research has shown that a significant number of officers assaulted during foot pursuits had no plan of action other than arresting the suspect.
Second, collapse the left foot prior to the placement of the right foot.
To prevent foot problems, check your feet regularly - or, have them checked by a member of the family - and practice good foot hygiene.
In Cincinnati, Ohio, a 175,000 square foot suburban office project located in the Company's Landings of Blue Ash business park that is 10 percent pre-leased to Citicorp North America.
As a result, he was unaware he had developed an ulcer on his right foot from the ill-fitting shoes until it was almost too late.
We had to jump, show second or fourth in the air, bring the second leg down very quickly, and place the second foot cleanly into fifth.