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As part of a series of competitions sponsored by Terracity AVM, most interesting competition was the foot race on Saturday, which drew great attention.
Motorbikes are not hogging the limelight though, in the coming days the festival will also host a foot race, and one for cows and sheep.
There was just one event, a foot race of about 200 metres, won by Koroibos, a cook.
The director of banking at Birminghambased Wesleyan Assurance Society is taking part in the gruelling Marathon des Sables, the so-called Toughest Foot Race in the World, after raising pounds 10,000 for charity with the society's help.
Googling a runner Orsippus 4.00 Cheltenham An ancient Greek runner who is largely believed to be the first person to run the Olympic Games foot race naked when he competed in 720BC.
Jack Denness will run the stamina-sapping miles in the Badwater Ultramarathon, which has been billed by its American organisers as the "world's toughest foot race".
They scored the first of their five tries after only six minutes when Will Cave won a foot race to score an unconverted try.
The marathon was a foot race held for six days, covering around 240km.
"Racers must rely exclusively on sunlight captured by their vehicles" solar cells (or thermal engines) to generate power over the 820 foot race course," he said." No batteries or other pre-charged energy devices are allowed.
* Mecca Mall, one of the numerous projects of Al-Kurdi Group, a real-estate company and owner of Abdoun Mall, Green Land and Jordan Mall, organized a foot race activity last month in cooperation with Eddie Castelli, founder of Eddie's running center known for its efforts to spread health awareness about walking benefits and its good effects on heart, body and soul.
Top Republicans and Democrats, corporate America, and La Raza are locked together in unison and marching with crossed arms toward the starting line as they prepare for an electoral foot race to determine not just the fate of the U.S.