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In many cases, camera footage helped us identify aeresponsibility and liability' of reckless drivers who caused major accidents on main junctions and highways," said Dubai's chief traffic prosecutor.
Meanwhile, traffic prosecutor Nuhair Al Hubaishi countered the convict's claim and displayed before the judge the footage which clearly showed S.
so facilities professionals have a point of reference for determining how to calculate square footage--increases total rentable square footage of a building by 4 to 8 percent.
Even though BOMA's method for calculating total rentable square footage has been available for 12 years, many buildings have never been recalculated--or, if the property was recalculated, the new numbers weren't implemented in order to keep building factors competitive in the market (some property owners determine that the recalculations will surpass acceptable numbers in particular markets).
Getty Images offers the most comprehensive footage collection available today, featuring more than 500,000 clips created by leading filmmakers, producers and production agencies.
Through this partnership, we will improve the ease with which our customers can search for stock footage," said Danielle Leeper, global product manager, footage for Getty Images.