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But she cannot go on playing football very long, and we must not forget that she has a woman's work to do by and by," began Mrs.
Neither will Mac play football much longer, but he will be all the better fitted for business, because of the health it gives him.
I declare to you, Challenger, that I never wish to hear of football or of buffaloes so long as I live.
I have never said one word to-day about football," I protested.
Prisoner's base, rounders, high-cock-a-lorum, cricket, football - he was soon initiated into the delights of them all; and though most of the boys were older than himself, he managed to hold his own very well.
The first round of the event has been completed and 16 teams have qualified for the second round, which will start from November 28 at Raider Football Faisal Town.
The educational opportunities we have through the AFCA provide us with unlimited growth possibilities as football coaches.
At Montclair Prep, Sage holds numerous school football records for field goals and extra points.
To kick off his project, Dan performed research to find out what forces act on a football during play.
Eddie LeBaron, former quarterback for the Washington Redskins, was known as the "Little General" on the football field, but he was Marine Corps Capt.
The first is the pool of offensive and defensive coordinators and assistant coaches of professional football teams.
The investigation of prewar professional football is a bit complicated due partly to its regional origins.