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An Uttam Boutique (available from House of Fraser) top with a silk Ted Baker ra-ra skirt, footless black tights and very beautiful, old gold shoes from M&S.
Footless footballer, world's oldest man and a family plague
The Geordie (Paul Charlton from South Shields) has been in Little Britain and Sirens, and made a cracking footless pigeon too.
afarensis skeleton dubbed Big Man, though footless, displays long legs, a relatively narrow chest and an inwardly curving back--all signs of a nearly humanlike gait (SN: 7/17/10, p.
After developing the original Spanx footless pantyhose for women in her modest apartment, Blakely had to sell the idea to retail stores.
OK, so I may be channelling Ashes to Ashes with my 80s dress and footless tights look, but I'm a million times more comfortable.
Hot pink: Matalan belted bubble dress, pounds 25 and footless tights, pounds 4.
Footless tights or leggings can transform your wardrobe, so try out new styles.
Meantime, her footless hosiery invention revitalized an industry and answered the prayers of women everywhere who wanted to look better in all of their clothes.
Aniya is stylin' in Paper Doll's acrylic zigzag striped dress, $28, (Dillard's), Jefferies' printed, footless tights, $12.75 (1-800-637-7625) and Camper boots, $128 (
Alan Richardson edged to slip after attempting a footless waft before the enormous Steve Finn missed a straight one.
* Footless Tight ($35.95, 68% wool, 30% nylon, 2% spandex).