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`Anything you like,' said the Footman, and began whistling.
'Have you been long in Bath, sir?' inquired the powdered- headed footman. 'I have not had the pleasure of hearing of you before.'
'Nice place, Sir,' said the powdered-headed footman.
'Pleasant society, sir,' remarked the powdered-headed footman.
'Oh, very much so, indeed, sir,' said the powdered-headed footman, taking Sam's remarks as a high compliment.
'Why, it IS difficult, sir, I confess,' said the tall footman. 'It may be done by degrees, Sir.
Here, a sharp peal at the bell reduced the powdered-headed footman to the ignominious necessity of putting the fox's head in his pocket, and hastening with a humble countenance to Mr.
'There is the answer, sir,' said the powdered-headed footman.
'I hope we shall meet again, Sir,' said the powdered-headed footman, rubbing his hands, and following Sam out to the door-step.
'A very singular young man that,' said the powdered-headed footman, looking after Mr.
So I left her, took the fellow up to my chamber, gave him the trunk, or portmanteau, for it was like a trunk, and wrapped it about with an old apron, and he went directly to his boat with it, and I after him, nobody asking us the least question about it; as for the drunken Dutch footman he was still asleep, and his master with other foreign gentlemen at supper, and very merry below, so I went clean off with it to Ipswich; and going in the night, the people of the house knew nothing but that I was gone to London by the Harwich wherry, as I had told my landlady.
In her book "The Queen And Di: The Untold Story," author Ingrid Seward narrated a brief dialogue between Her Majesty and a footman, which showed how the monarch tried to calm down Diana's distress.