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The footnotes indicate that the two MenB vaccines "are not interchangeable; the same vaccine product must be used for all doses.
The Notes to the Financial Statements on the other hand are an inseparable part of the financial statements and are not bibliographic references or ancillary comments--in other words, they are not footnotes or endnotes.
Other changes include clarification of the intervals between doses in the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines footnote to avoid misunderstanding of the schedule, said Dr.
Professor Austin highlights a footnote that spans five pages.
Build a communication plan to prepare internal stakeholders for the DFN effort Prepare an internal communication plan that gives key constituents an idea about the differences in processes and timelines for detailed footnote XBRL filings.
The idea behind the interactive Wall--and Footnote.
On page 6, in Table 4, in the "TOTAL" row, "53 ([paragraph])" should read "53," and the corresponding footnote should be deleted.
Now for the office as a footnote to economic history.
Whalley understands and subverts the typical rock and roll tales and makes great use of the footnote style.
He tried to sign up for naval aviation, but was rejected due to color-blindness--an explanation Murphy actually confirms in a footnote.
Footnote 21, found on pages 11-12 of Justice John Paul Stevens' typically diffuse and sentimental majority opinion, notes: ".
And as for tomorrow's challenge, Basmajian says it continues to be finding that next idea, discovering the next footnote, uncovering the next story just waiting around the corner.