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Of course, Professor Austin would likely find that, by disclosing here my own footnoting record against the standards set forth in the Footnotes article, the resulting footnote is improperly dense.
Identify a point person who can get additional training and who will work with the company's SEC XBRL financial filing service provider on preparing a filing schedule that takes into account the complexity and additional review time required for the detailed footnote processing.
The hypothetical company had either an unrealized gain or an unrealized loss on derivatives in the third year, which was either recognized as a separate line item in the income statement or disclosed only in a footnote.
After slogging through the book's 518 pages of text and its 195 pages of bibliography, footnotes, and index--and making a few phone calls to check some of his facts--I have my doubts.
Justice Scalia mockingly awarded footnote 21 "the Prize for the Court's Most Feeble Effort" to fabricate justification for a decision that rests "upon nothing but the personal views of its members.
And as for tomorrow's challenge, Basmajian says it continues to be finding that next idea, discovering the next footnote, uncovering the next story just waiting around the corner.
More than a page of the government's reply brief is devoted to attacking the footnote in which TEI criticizes government's facile citation of Correll.
And as the seventeenth century French Calvinist Pierre Bayle showed, a footnote can become a powerful tool in philosophical and historical polemics.
The ideal statement seems to be succinctly declared in Vademecum, footnote 32, as follows:
Too bad he didn't read the footnote on that page more carefully, which is reproduced in pertinent part below:
This article will review the financial accounting standards requiring disclosures, indicating the changes in footnote disclosures over the last 20 years and looking at suggestions for changing disclosure requirements.