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A change in the order of the vaccines to group vaccines according to the recommended ages of administration, as well as to the order of the footnotes.
So there are no footnotes to the financial statements or disclosures in a footnote.
The hepatitis A vaccine footnote now provides a list of groups at increased risk for hepatitis A.
As he notes in Footnotes, for those that pursue the "[n]umbers game," "[e]xceeding 500 [footnotes] is a dramatic expression of footnote machismo.
One-time top contenders Action This Day, Read the Footnotes, Birdstone, Wimbledon and St Averil had horrid final preps.
In research described in a recent edition of Science, a team looked at footnotes from scientific articles in three major journals--The New England Journal of Medicine, Science, and Nature--three months, 15 months, and 27 months after publication.
After slogging through the book's 518 pages of text and its 195 pages of bibliography, footnotes, and index--and making a few phone calls to check some of his facts--I have my doubts.
Used as an annotation in the footnotes of literary works.
Identification of investments representing 5% or more of plan net assets in the plan's footnotes.
Author Douglas Rushkoff is inviting readers to contribute footnotes to the text of his latest book 'Exit Strategy' (published as 'Bull' in the UK).