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Previous research has speculated that financial statement users may: a) fail to acquire information in footnotes, or b) place less weight on information if it was disclosed in the footnotes as opposed to the financial statements.
Later, he managed to get inducted in the ROTC, and spent four weeks, June 3 to July 3, 1918, training at the ROTC camp in San Francisco--a fact Murphy also acknowledges, deep within his footnotes, and which is additionally confirmed by a certificate from the ROTC in Douglas's papers at the Library of Congress.
Reporting of investment income by account type in the statement of changes in net assets or the footnotes.
Rushkoff describes the book as an 'open source' novel and the best 100 footnotes will make it to the final edition, to be published later this year.
That little footnote was glossed over, not discussed, and yet it had a huge impact on history and on the women's movement.
In addition, footnotes must include a description of impaired assets, the business segment(s) in which assets are located; the facts and circumstances leading to impairment; the expected disposal date, if applicable; and the carrying amount of these assets (pars.
Savion Glover had the audience as riled up as rock `n' roll fans at the Escondido performance of FootNotes.
Going backward to antiquity and forward to the twentieth century Grafton shows us that footnotes are more than just weapons that pedants use to snipe at each other in scholarly works or that graduate students use to make evident they have put in lots of work on their dissertations.
The changes necessitated adjustments to (or the addition of) a number of footnotes on the form.
Lusky's newest version, in Our Nine Tribunes (cited in note 9), is essentially that of Footnote Redux with fewer footnotes, but in addition to the correspondence Lusky appended copies of the original drafts.
These disclosures might be in the main body of the financial reports, in the footnotes to the statements or as supplementary information.