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We caught up with this runner to talk more about his experience competing in one of the "toughest footraces on Earth.
A UO tour guide challenged the students to a footrace and about 10 students lined up on the field.
But as the years go by, the Boston Marathon will be more and more of a footrace and less and less of a crime scene.
New York Special Olympics will be the beneficiary of funds raised at PIANY's 1989 Fun Run footrace, which will be held on the morning of October 17.
In the tradition of well-known vertical run events like the annual Empire State Building Run-up in the US, the Race to the Top Vertical Run promises to be an exciting footrace with cash prizes up for grabs in various divisions.
London offers a footrace through forty-two underground stations.
Since Everest, he's summited Cho Oyu (Worlds Sixth Highest Mountain) and completed the insanely difficult Marathon de Sables in Morrocco - believed to be the toughest footrace in the world.
Dubai-based endurance runner Dr Catherine Todd was the first woman to complete the world's toughest footrace, the 2013 Badwater Ultra-Marathon.
You may recall that the titular Atalanta was a huntress/virgin ultimately seduced by Hippomenes after he bested her in a footrace (with the help of three golden apples from Aphrodite).
The event has been labelled "the toughest footrace on earth" and is a six-day adventure through one of the world's most inhospitable climates - the Sahara desert.
In 2012, he also completed the 250km Marathon Des Sables, considered the toughest footrace on Earth, while raising awareness for the Noma disease in West Africa.
After being given a slight head start, Rourke was able to keep a few inches between himself and Bolt, narrowly winning their impromptu footrace.